Welcome to the café of the Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Center!

You’ll be famished after a day in Kõrvemaa. The café and its selection of delicious dishes will help you compensate for the calories you’ve burned off through hiking in nature or being impressively sporty!


Borscht 4 €
Borscht with no meat 4 €
Spicy chicken and coconut soup NEW!  4 €
Pumpkin puree soup NEW! 4 €
French fries 3 €
French fries with raw salad 5 €
Herring with boiled potatoes, sour cream, and onion 5,50 €
Frankfurters with French fries and salad 7 €
Grilled sausages with French fries and salad   7 €
Kõrvemaa creamy chicken pasta NEW! 7,50 €
Kõrvemaa schnitzel with potato casserole and mustard sauce NEW! 10 €
Beetroot and chickpea patties  7,50 €
Oja farmhouse cake with curd and peaches 2,50 €
Panna cotta NEW! 3 €

Additional information or +372 524 6628

Good to know!

  • There is room for 50 guests at the café.