Saunas and hot tubs

There is nothing better than letting out some steam after a long day of taking part in sporting activities or attending a seminar: by visiting a sauna, for example. You will find our bathing barrels relaxing too!

In a regular sauna with an electric heater, men’s and women’s sides are separate (benches, washing, and changing rooms). In the case of a smaller group, it is possible to heat only one side. The regular sauna has a common foyer, which can seat up to 10 people at a time.

Hourly rate of the sauna from 80 €. Hot tubs can be ordered with the sauna for an extra charge.

The farm sauna is a small farm log sauna with a wood-burning heater. A small terrace in front of the sauna and a small anteroom for a pleasant stay for a family or a small group. Hourly rate of the sauna from 35 €.


Good to know!

  • Hourly rate of the regular sauna from 80 €
  • Hourly rate of the farm sauna from 35 €.