For Children

Kõrvemaa Low Altitude Adventure Park

The track is divided into two parts, one of which can be traversed at speed. The tracks are suitable for children from the age of 6.

Use of the track at your own risk and for children only under adult supervision. The Center does not provide surveillance or security equipment. Please arrange group visits in advance with the Center! In case of a group visit, use of the adventure park 1 €/child.


An entertaining game and a great way to spend your free time. It is a combination of football and billiards played on a large 4.5m X 8m pool table with real football.

Price 30 min = 5 €. Every next 30 minutes 3 €. 


Sleigh slope and snow tubing

During the winter season, there are maintained sleigh slopes and three steeper snow tubing slopes for children to enjoy.

We ask parents to explain to the children how to navigate the sleigh slopes according to the instructions located on the hill. Sleighing and snowtubing at your own risk!

Additional information or +372 5349 9598

Good to know!

In Summer:

  • Low Altitude Adventure Park
  • Footpool

In winter:

  • Sleigh slope and snow tubing